Ropes Baseball Apparel
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"The hats are awesome. I've worn Ropes Apparel since my rookie year
through our 2011 Championship Season."-
Chris Carpenter

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"Their creativity and designs are unmatched in the baseball industry." - Paul O'Neill

"Ropes is my choice in apparel and headgear when teeing it up on the professional golf circuit." - Tom  Candiotti

"I may be retired as a player, but I will never retire my Ropes gear." - Chuck Finley





"I hit Ropes when I wear Ropes!"- Brian Giles

 "During my 18 year relationship with Ropes Apparel, I have seen the creativity and passion they have for promoting the game of baseball. I was honored that Ropes created an authentic apparel collection celebrating my induction into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. My 3000th career hit came in a Ropes tee shirt."- Paul Molitor HOF04